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Aug 13, 2021
In Memories of Wanda
My Auntie….a personality brighter than the sun. I have so many wonderful memories that go way back. The thing that I love to remember and reflect on the most is her genuine/ authentic/ raw spirit. If “keeping it real” was a person, it would definitely be Wanda; hands down. I loved that about her. She was real and equally a loving, caring, beautiful soul. Wanda had the ability to connect with EVERYONE in the room…that was her gift. If you were privileged to be in the room with Wanda, you felt special. You were absolutely going to have fun and laugh out loud !! Side note: When Prince passed away, Wanda was the one and only person that I thought of and called…boy did she LOVE Prince. She was so excited to know that I remembered how much she loved him😊. I will forever cherish, love, and miss my Auntie. My message to John, Maurice, Jessica, and Melissa: Yes, I KNOW you got this ( this thing called life) because I KNOW your Momma💕💜 Thinking of you always, Love, Cousin Renee Your Mom’s “Book-End”’s daughter 😊🙏🏾


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