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Melissa Petty
Aug 04, 2021
In Memories of Wanda
Me and my momma were besties since I first touched down in ‘97. I talked to her about anything that crossed my mind, no matter how uncomfortable it was: for me or her! Lol As I became an adult it would be “aight TMI Melissa” or “aight momma, that’s enough” LMAO. We always had insiders, as she did with all her children. Whenever unbreakable by Alicia Keys came on when I was younger, she would sing to me and WHEW does that song describe us in a nutshell!!!!! So, We made up this secret handshake to the song and it stuck my whole life. After I became a teenager, we didn’t do it as often but I NEVER forgot it and neither did she; the “unbreakable” references between mommy and I never stopped. I can’t describe the handshake to you guys; it’s a members only thing! The love me and my Momma got is gonna live on through generations of people; everyone that crosses me is going to know who and what kinda love built this beast! This love is truly unbreakable. Now… Word to my Muva: Estii knows the handshake now! I know you’d be ecstatic about that lol. Continue to live through your children, Beautiful. We miss the hell out of you shorty, but we got this! Thanks for preparing us for ANYTHING, all by your damn self. A LEGEND. Love you little Lady. ❤️
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Melissa Petty

Melissa Petty

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