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Please see map for parking locations a 2-4 minute stroll to the location.

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Feel free to drop anyone at the front door using the drive way. 
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  • Will there be a furneral?
    Not exactly. Wanda's wishes are to have a celebration of life. Just as we all would gather for a funeral, she hoped to bring everyone together in memory of her in an uplifting way. While we understand you may be used to certain traditions we hope to see you honor our mother's life just as she wanted. As Wanda would say, "Let's see who's down for the cause!"
  • What is a celebration of life?
    Just think about the joy that is held at a repase through food and fellowship. We will share stories, listen to her music, and pray for her tranistion to together.
  • When is Wanda's celebration of life?
    The celebration of life will be held on August 14, 2021 from 1-4pm.
  • Where is the celebration of life?
    The celebration will be held at...
  • Can I see Wanda, kiss her, and say "good bye" one more time?"
    While it was our mother's desire to be cremated, we hope to gather togehter to tell her goodbye in spirit.
  • Can children attend?
    Children that were apart of Wanda's life are welcomed. Please be mindful that there will be a large range of emotions in the space and bring your children at your own discreation.
  • What can I do to help?
    We understand that you all want to provide comfort and support anyway possible. We ask that you start by becoming a member of Wanda's Village and add as many memories as possible to the page. We hope to see pictures, stories, videos, music, etc to tell the story of the dash, our mother's life.
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