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Aug 14, 2021
In Memories of Wanda
Wanda, it’s no wonder you’re missed by so many on earth, As your purpose in others’ lives began on the day of your birth! When you walked into a room, the light was turned on; The atmosphere changed and any darkness was gone! You were a loving cousin and a great inspiration, You are so deserving of your life’s celebration! So memorable is the spiritual wisdom you shared - Your convictions, faith in God, clear to all for whom you cared. Your witty comments, funny moves cause me to smile; You were funny, yet serious, and genuine all the while! I especially admired you for your devotion as an awesome mother, Guiding your children through life, with a mission like no other! More of your love you could not have given; You portrayed a sweet balance of earth and heaven. The standards you upheld your children would not forget, And to this day, we can hear your voice yet! You kept them involved in church events and in school - Such a doting mother, and ever so cool! There were places they knew not to ask you to go, Because, though you loved hard, there were boundaries, they’d know. You kept them developing, learning, connected, Involved in worship, socializing, yet protected. Our children’s birthday parties were special events; Even when you were in labor, you made sure yours still went! Speaking of labor, you told me to have our son on your birthday; You spoke it with confidence, and he was born on the same day! During more recent talks, you said, “I’m glad we had this conversation!” Because we both realized our words were definite confirmations! Only God can fill the new void in our hearts, Until that glorious day when we’re no longer apart! By Gwendolyn Kinlaw
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